Why You Should Learn Chinese If You Want To Expand To The Chinese Market

Why You Should Learn Chinese If You Want To Expand To The Chinese Market

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur in China, you should play by their rules. Of course, the biggest obstacle and the greatest barrier is the culture and the language. While you can quickly learn what is socially acceptable and how to conduct among Chinese people, learning their language is a bit more difficult. Still, these compelling reasons will convince you to call your Mandarin teacher now!

Conversing With Partners

Expand To The Chinese MarketIf you do a lot of business with Chinese partners, you should be able to converse with them in Chinese. While plenty of Chinese people will understand and to an extent speak English, multiple barriers can happen when conversing in a language which is not your native tongue. In order not to come to a misunderstanding, you should be able to converse in Chinese as well. Since there are many dialects and it is not easy to speak it, you can at least show an effort to learn some Mandarin. It will catch your business partners off guard and may even secure you some business opportunities by impressing them with not so much your knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, but your willingness to learn their language. It shows devotion to expanding to their market as well as respect.

Chinese Employees

If you want to employ Chinese people you have to be able to converse with them to give them precise instructions. Otherwise, you should make sure your employees have a solid knowledge of English or some other language that you speak as well. English has become a lingua franca of the world, that is true, but it still does not mean that people across the world speak it with the same knowledge and grasp as those who live in English speaking countries.

Clients In China

Expand To The Chinese Market

Your associates in China will respect your for speaking their language, but when it comes to your clients, it is even more important that you can speak Chinese to them. They will be the ones who will receive your services or buy your product, and they must be able to understand your marketing campaigns, and it must appeal to them. Do not make any mistakes by thinking you can achieve all that with just the use of English. While English will appeal to some clients and users, it will put some off, and you do want to approach them in their territory, so you should use their language as well.

Marketing In Mandarin Chinese

If you are not an expert in Mandarin Chinese, hire someone who is. Do not expect that you will be able to advertise in Mandarin even if you can say a word or two. You need a solid SEO content writer, or a copywriter, to do it for you – so hire them! Hiring a translator might also be a good idea, but you have the best chances of someone who has a background in marketing as well.